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Follow Jason Wilkes' sketch and card ideas and then get creative and see how many different designs you can come up with based on his sketch!

football card  

Click on the PDF below to download your free sketches project.

Glamorous and girly
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Snow time!
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Free Sketches

9th October 2011

  I can't get the files, unless I press on the (piece of paper icon) on the left side. Hope this helps.

Love the card design,  can't

24th June 2011

Love the card design,  can't download the template however,  went to the link on facebook and it looks like a great place to view sometime.  thanks for your great designs.

probs downloading links

18th August 2011

i download by right clicking then save target as and it works

 Wow, I'm overwhelmed

14th June 2011
Jason Wilkes

 Wow, I'm overwhelmed that so many of you like my design, the card base was cut on my Silhoutte. As well as the PDF I do have the Silhoutte file available. 

You can find me on facebook as Lollipop cards

It would be great to hear direct from you and to see the cards you have made.




7th May 2011

Aha!  I've found it!!!

If you go to card ideas 'for her', the 4th item down is the female versions of this card.  If you click on that and then AT THE TOP of the page, amongst a paragraph of writing, it says 'Get the template and then try the project below'.  The link 'the template' is in green and if you click on it it takes you to a PDF link for the template.

Hope that helps those who have struggled to find it!

Please note - when you do get your template, the centre piece does not 'pop up' so to speak!  Some people have mentioned they think the construction of the card is wrong but if you look closely at the images you will see that they don't actually pop up in the middle but a mat etc. has been attached to the piece of card which folds down to make them stand out and above the card!

Again, I hope this helps anyone who thought they were doing something wrong!



free downloads

18th April 2011

 I also can never find the PFD to download anything can someone fix this?


No Download for Issue 83's Sketchers Template

9th April 2011

 Like others on here, I have failed to find the Sketchers template from Issue 83 and therefore cannot d/l anything to help me make the cards - any help from the lovely people at CM&P?


Thanks in advance,




agree with you

18th April 2011

I can never get the downloads either they need to make the site eaiser


sketches design

19th February 2011

        i have tried several times to try to download this design from templates but i cannot seem to find it!!!!!   can any one tell me how to make this card using easy terms as quite new to new designs can email me if need ....  xxxxxxxxxxxxxx  many thanks

sketches template

5th March 2011

Really please I;'m not the only one - did you manager to find the template ?  if so - please let me know


kind regards




FREE Sketches project

3rd March 2012

open a new web page and type in FREE Sketches project issue 83 then it should work i have just done it hope it helps



application/pdf iconSketches project or For Her |
Click the link below to download these papers for free today! ... Issue Number: 83.
downloadable free papers. Too cold for picnics outside? Whip up some cakes ...

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1st attempt went well

28th January 2011

Made my first card using jason wilkes idea, its very different and nice.  Will be sure to make more.

sketches design

19th February 2011

  did you find this easy???  maybe i was doing it wrong !!!!


25th October 2010

 I`m looking for ideas for my sons 21st birthday card please help

sketch pattern

7th September 2010
Kay McKinnis

Thanks for the great idea.  Kay McKinnis,  Moore, Oklahoma, U.S.A.


2nd September 2010
Deb Festervand
I so love this design of these cards. The pink and gray is my favorite. Thanks for showing one than one design.

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